The Winds

Kuzi: The South-East Trade blows from May to November, a strong gusty wind which brings the rains, rough water and the mud from Tana River. The inshore channels are used for most boat movement.

Kas Kazi: the North-East Trade blows from December to April, the summer wind which brings calm, clear water and the fishing season. Strong wind is occasional but storms are rare.

The Tides

There are two low and two high Tides daily, 12 hrs between each high, and 6 hrs between high and low. The whole cycle is about 1 hr later every day. The difference between high and low Tides varies in accordance with the moon.

Spring Tide: every two weeks on the full and new moons, there is as much as 4 Metres difference. During spring tides the current is very strong in front of Kijani House.

Neap Tide: is on both half moons and has a difference of only 1 metre between high and low tide. Since the movement is so little, the water tends to be at its clearest over Neap tides. There is a set of Tide Tables on the board in Kijani House.


Lamu Average Temperatures per Month

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